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J3 Industries offers a number of professional graphics installation training options. Students range from beginners with little or no experience, to experienced installers looking to improve their skills. We also offer onsite Testing for 3M Preferred Graphics Installer and 3M Endorsed Vehicle Graphics Installer.

Classes are small and slots fill up quickly, a $500 deposit is required to secure the date, with the remainder of the balance due prior to the start of the class. Deposits are non-refundable. Dates are changeable with 7 day notice. NO-SHOW DAY OF CLASS FORFEITS DEPOSIT.

3M Advanced Installation Training

Location: J3 Industries, Addison,Texas
Trainers: 3M Graphics Authorized Trainers
Cost: $1,400 per participant – Group Discounts available. Contact J3 Industries for more information on Group Discounts.

Course Content:

  • Three days advanced training
  • Vehicle Wraps. Comprehensive discussion, demonstration and hands-on training
  • Fleet graphics, smooth walls, textured walls and floor graphics. Discussion and demonstration, and hands-on training
  • Extensive monitored hands-on practice to build and refine skills
  • All appropriate tools and materials provided for use during classes
  • Alumni discounts on installation tools
  • Contact J3 Industries for booking at 817-875-4099 or

Study Materials

— To prepare for the training,  it is important that you know the information found in these 3M Technical Bulletins. Please study them prior to taking the test. All instructional bulletins can be found on

Or on the 3M COSMO app available on Apple and Android devices.

— Product Bulletins:
IJ180 films, 181, IJ380Cv3, GP-1, IJ8171, IJ8624, 162, 3662, 7725, IJ160 films IJ680CR

— Instruction Bulletins:
5.1, 5.19, 5.33, 5.36, 5.37, 5.4, 5.42, 5.5, 6.5, V-Tools

2020  Training Dates

  • Jan. 27-29 Training
  • Feb. 24-26  Training
  • March. 23-25 Training
  • April. 20-22 Training
  • May. 18-20 Training
  • June 15-17 Training
  • July. 20-22 Training
  • Aug. 17-19 Training
  • Sept. 14-16 Training
  • Oct. 12-14 Training
  • Nov. 9-11 Training
  • Dec. 7-9 Training

For information on testing, please visit our Testing Page.